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Center for Security (KEMEA)

Partner N° 6: Center for Security Studies (KEMEA) Country: Greece;

The Center for Security Studies (KEMEA) has been established as the Greek Ministry’s Citizen Protection think tank on security policies. KEMEA is a scientific, consulting and research agency, whose purpose is to conduct theoretical and applied research and to produce studies, particularly at a strategic level, on issues concerning security policies. KEMEA also provides advisory and consulting services to the Ministry of Citizen Protection and other Public and Private authorities on these same issues. KEMEA was established in 2006 with the aim of exploiting the knowledge and experience gained by the Ministry of Interior (former Ministry of Public Order) through the planning and implementation of the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games Security Program.
Expertise and role in the project
Within SNOOPY, KEMEA will exploit its expertise and contacts to (i) provide methodologies, guidelines,specific workshops with selected case studies for capturing system and end user requirements for the definition and specifications of the movable or stand alone SNOOPY detector (detection distance, detection delay, false alarm rate, user friendliness, e.t.c.), (ii) define various performance metrics and functional specifications of the proposed system (mass transit vehicles including buses, light rail cars and subway cars, large cargo configurations, person/crowd search), (iii) provide assistance in the statistical testing for proof of concept, (iv) design and develop final test cases and evaluation criteria to test the SNOOPY sniffer against End User Requirements, (iv) contribute to the writing of the SNOOPY Evaluation Report.
Key staff
George Leventakis (MBA - MSc.) Senior Advisor. Previous member to the BoD of European Organization for Security (EOS); Member to the European Research and Innovation Forum (ESRIF); Qualified Security Expert with MBA and MSc in Risk Management. 15 years of experience in Security Management. Operational and technical roles across two Organising Committees of Olympic Games for a duration of 6 years (SYDNEY 2000 and ATHENS 2004); five years in the Ministry of Public Order; 5 years teaching experience at the Hellenic Air Force Academy (Ministry of Defence); responsible for KEMEA'S participation in European Union Programmes.
Police Lieutenant Colonel Gkrizis Vasilios (Senior Security Expert - Director of KEMEA). Extensive experience (28 years) at the Hellenic Police. Successful participation in seminars and training programs relevant to Crime Investigation and Prosecution, Crisis Management, Tactical Commanders, Intelligence, Access control, Bomb threat management, VIP protection, Olympic Venue security, Critical infrastructure protection and operation of X-Ray devices.

Dr. Ioannis Daniilidis, obtained B.Sc in Physics from RMIT University, Melbourne - Australia, M.Sc. in Physics from MIT, Boston – USA, and Ph.D. from the Dept. of Materials - University of Oxford, Oxford - UK. Senior Researcher and Coordinator in European projects (FP6 & FP7 frameworks) over the last 10 years, at the NCSR «Demokritos», and Hellenic Aerospace Industry. Visiting Lecturer at Dept of Materials - Univ. of Oxford; Dept of Chemistry - Univ. Athens; Dept. Chem. Engineering - Univ. Of Patras; Dept of Materials - Univ. of Ioannina; Dept Chem Engineering - NTU of Athens. Extensive experience in techniques of electrochemistry, microscopy and spectroscopy. Manager of the CRM SAP Hellas. Since 2012 senior research associate at the Center for Security Studies (KEMEA). Expertise in security area in Border Security Technologies (sensors, spectroscopic, imaging techniques), Transport and Logistics Security, Crisis Management Modeling. 

Vasilis Tsoulkas: BSC & MSC degrees (with distinction) in EE from the University of Colorado, USA. Collaboration with Hughes Aircraft Co. in developing algorithms for multiple target tracking and classification. PhD degree (with excellence) in Signal Processing and Systems theory from the ICT department of the University of Athens in 2001. Since 2008, National Delegate of Greece to the European Space Agency (JCB/ESA). Recent interests include transformation of operational security and crisis management needs into end - user specifications, UAV's and their role in Crisis and Disaster Management, Data fusion and Secure Communications as well as modelling and simulation of threat assessment for large critical infrastructures.