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C-Tech Innovation Ltd. (CTECH)

Partner N° 5: C-Tech Innovation (CTECH) Country: United Kingdom

C-Tech Innovation is a leading independent innovation management and technology development SME. CTECH has a highly qualified, skilled and diverse workforce of over 60 as well as its own laboratories and workshops. This unique combination enables it to provide a flexible, tailored, service, taking projects from concept, through design, to construction and commercialisation, all in-house. Its services include: innovation management; process, product and service improvement; due diligence; contract research and development; and intellectual property exploitation. The worldwide clientele ranges from small start-up companies to large multinationals. The company applies chemistry, physics and biological science in innovative applications in a variety of fields, including: sensors, nanotechnology, thermal process engineering, environmental technologies, electrochemistry etc. Over 1500 patents have been taken out since 1966, covering a very broad spectrum of technologies.
Expertise and role in the project
CTECH has an increasing presence in the growing field of sensors, having long experience of relevant technologies. These include a variety of surface preparation methods, expertise in electrochemical and electromagnetic measurement processes, and a proven ability to develop novel ideas into real applications. A new generation of sensors based on high frequency impedance measurement and activated catalytic surfaces is a major part of the company's strategy. C-Tech has also developed processes for air sampling, filtering and separation as part of its work in air purification technologies, and is experienced in computational fluid dynamics. C-Tech is particularly skilled in realising researched technologies in working pilot units. As a commercial technology development consultancy with an established record in technology transfer, CTECH is well qualified to contribute in other important aspects, including exploitation and dissemination. Within SNOOPY, CTECH is an active contributor to WP2 and 3 providing key component technologies (enrichment system, sensor module). CTECH is also leader of WP4 dealing with the sensor system integration, contributing to the development of the gas and vapour sampling system as well as to the sensor electronics. CTECH will also contribute to the modelling activities in WP5 and will be involved in WP6, Testing And Validation, and WP7, Exploitation And Dissemination.
Key staff
Dr. John Henderson is a Project Manager in C-Tech Innovation’s New Product Development Group. With a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Chemistry from the University of Strathclyde and a PhD in Polymer Chemistry from the University of Durham, he is involved in management and technical delivery of national and European collaborative projects variously involving novel sensing systems development and integration, new approaches to material recovery and resource efficiency in the management of municipal and industrial waste, and exploitation planning for novel construction materials and panel based products focused on indoor air quality. John Henderson has previously worked as a Knowledge Transfer Manager within the UK Environmental Sustainability Knowledge Transfer Network, and in R&D in the polymer production sector (polyacrylate superabsorbents).

Dr Roohollah Torabi is a project manager at the electrochemical technologies group at C-Tech innovation. He obtained his BSc in applied chemistry and then his MSc in analytical chemistry before doing his PhD in electrochemistry at the University of Oxford. He has worked as a project manager / R&D scientist in a few large and small organizations since his graduation in 2008. His experience includes research and development of electrochemical sensors and biosensors for various applications including environmental monitoring. He also has several years of R&D experience of metal finishing and material development (i.e. electroplating of functional overlays) for automotive engine applications, as well as experience in material characterization and triobological testing. He is currently working as a project manager at the C-Tech Innovation. He contributes to industrial projects in the electrochemistry group and also contributes to the project management and also technical aspects of sensor development in a few FP7 projects. His areas of interest are sensors, electroplating, electro-synthesis, electroanalysis, ionic liquids, nano-materials and various other aspects of electrochemistry.

Dr Kay McClean - a Project Manager at CTECH with more than 20 years of experience in molecular microbiology, microbial genetics and bio-catalysis for the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries (international postdoc and industrial experience). She has more than 15 years of experience of collaborative FP5, 6+7 projects. Kay has previously been the coordinator and project manager for several UK- and EU-funded collaborative projects.