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Partner N° 4: AIRBUS Defense & Space (EADS); Country: Germany

EADS (European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company) is organized in four business units: AIRBUS
(commercial aircraft), EUROCOPTER (helicopters), ASTRIUM (space transport and satellites) and CASSIDIAN
(military and civilian security systems). AIRBUS is one of the two large suppliers of commercial aircraft in the
world. In constant pursuit of better technology and in close competition with Boeing in the US, AIRBUS is building on a large number of high-tech suppliers in Europe. During the past several years CASSIDIAN has become a leading supplier of border security systems, building on its strong background in military radar technologies and defence electronics. These border security systems are built to prevent the uncontrolled flow of persons and goods across the eastern land (Romania) and the maritime borders in the south of the EU. A more recent customer is Saudi Arabia. Trying to comply with this EADS business units’ demands, EADS Innovation Works (IW) - the Central Research Organisation of EADS - is developing novel detection systems for safety and security to become or be integrated in future EADS products.
Expertise and role in the project:
The SNOOPY development work will be carried out at EADS in Munich. The department IW-EP is highly experienced in analytics while IW-SI is especially experienced in building functional sensor prototypes for demonstration purposes and testing. EADS-IW will introduce into SNOOPY technology and experience gained in several FP7 projects in the SEC, IST and NMP domains. As such it will play a key role in conceiving, building and testing the SNOOPY sniffer instrument for air cargo container safety after performing the chemical characterization of the EADS scenario. For this application, EADS will develop the SNOOPY sniffer instrument, will act as an integrator of the individual pieces of technology coming from the consortium partners and from pre-projects carried out at EADS-IW itself. Important pieces of component technologies coming from EADSIW
will be innovative gas/vapour sampling and pre-concentrator systems. EADS-IW, finally, will play an active role
in the Dissemination (publications, exhibits, business fairs) and Exploitation (IPR, technology transfer).
Key staff
Angelika Hackner, MSc, graduated from the Munich University of Applied Sciences with a first MSc degree in
chemical engineering in 1990 and a second MSc degree in micro- and nanotechnology in 2006. Her specialisation is in MEMS-based sensor technologies, chemistry and chemical process monitoring. Within the SNOOPY project she will play a key role in the testing of the SNOOPY sensor systems. Currently she is managing the EU funded projects S3 and DIRAC dealing with gas detection in the field of security applications, e.g. explosives and illicit drug detection.
Andreas Helwig, Physicist, Dr. rer. nat. ; PhD in Sensors and Materials Engineering from the University of Brescia. Work on nanostructured metal oxides, advanced silicon microheater technologies, integrated gas sensing microsystems, and sensor signal analysis during the FP6 project “NANOS4”. Within the SNOOPY project he will work on sensor integration, testing, and algorithm development.
Gerhard Müller, Physicist, Dr.rer.nat. , formerly head of the Chemical and Biological Sensors Team and Senior
Expert “Sensor Physics” in EADS-IW, after his retirement in Dec. 2013, will support the IW project team as a part-time consultant. Gerhard Müller is holding more than 50 patents and he is author and co-author of about 250 articles in international journals, textbooks, and conference proceedings (two plenary and more than 30 invited talks in international conferences), and textbooks. Since 2001 lecturer in the Munich University of Applied Sciences teaching in the fields of sensors, micro- and nano-sciences.
Alexander Ohnesorge, Degreed Engineer; Dr. Ing., graduated at the Dresden University of Technology in process engineering; Worked on laser- and plasma technologies for surface treatment and process controlling, now focused on battery technologies for aeronautic applications; Within SNOOPY he will be responsible for certain tests for hazard monitoring of air cargo containers and airplane technical compartments.